Event Checklist


Event Checklist
4-6 Months Before
Select the date for event; check community calendar for competing events
_____ Identify volunteer coordinating committee – this committee should meet once per
month until 6 weeks before the event and then at least every other week
_____ Choose type of event and location
_____ Begin to divide up task areas among volunteers
_____ Brainstorm names for event hosts
3-4 Months Before
_____ Create a master invitation list
_____ Send out save the date notice to master invite list
_____ Plan the budget and the fundraising goal
_____ Talk to each event host; obtain their commitment to be a host
_____ Write up “job description” for hosts
_____ Determine form of publicity (invitation by print/email; facebook, website, media)
_____ Determine who will create and send the invitation
_____ Identify event needs in terms of supplies (food, drink, auction items, party
supplies, music etc)
_____ Identify potential donors of event supplies and assign solicitors
2-3 Months Before
_____ Convene meeting of hosts and train them
_____ Have hosts send in their personal guest lists into central location for coordination
_____ Publicity sub-committee activates all publicity vehicles
_____ Solicitation sub-committee completes all supply and entertainment solicitations
6 Weeks Before
_____ Reminder calls/emails to all hosts; convene in-person or phone call meeting of all
_____ Send printed invitations
_____ Begin tracking RSVPs
_____ Determine who will do invitation follow-up calls
3-4 Weeks Before
_____ Finalize event logistics – location
_____ Confirm all supplies and entertainment
_____ Prepare auction material if necessary
_____ Customize program agenda
_____ Determine “take away” materials
July, 2015


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