Letter Of Intent To Promote


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Letter of Intent to Promote
Dear Parents and Teacher,
The goal of our Martial Arts School is to develop our students both physically, mentally and
spiritually. This student is physically ready for the next belt level. Could you please take a
moment and give your opinion on his or her social and mental skills outside of the Academy.
1. My child has been practicing DISCIPLINE this semester? ____Yes ____No
2. My child has attended a minimum of 2 classes weekly?
____Yes ____No
3. My child has completed 5-10 hours of community service? ____Yes ____No (Hand in log)
Briefly tell us how The Woodbridge ATA can improve as a school:
4. Shown improvement in
a. Home/School
____Yes ____No
b. Physical Fitness
____Yes ____No
c. Attitude/Energy
____Yes ____No
Please give us one goal for the next Semester: __________________________ _______________
Please hand in belt promotion letter by Tuesday, June 21
. Testing fees are included
Testing is Friday, June 24
Parent signature ___________________________ Student name __________________________
_____________________ has been doing satisfactory or better work in my class and received
passing grades while being respectful to the teachers and other students. Yes_____ No______
(I am / am not) interested in having your martial arts school do a motivational talk at our school
regarding stranger danger, confidence building or bully avoidance.
The best time to contact me is __________________ at _________________ (phone)
_____________________________ (email)
If our martial arts students do not meet any of these qualifications, either at home, school or in
our classes, we will hold the student’s ranking until there has been satisfactory improvement.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Teacher Signature _______________________________________


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