Letter Of Intent To Accept Employment For Key Staff


Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
Request for Proposal
Appendix 11A
Letter of Intent to Accept Employment – Key Staff
Letter of Intent to Accept Employment for Key Staff
Proposed Employee Name:
I understand that <Name of Offeror or Sub-contractor> has submitted a proposal in response to the
Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) RFP.
I understand that my name has been submitted in the role of <Title of Position listed on Project Team
Staffing Roster>.
I have read the EBT RFP and all of its attachments.
I understand the nature of the EBT RFP and the critical nature of the duties of this position for which
I have been submitted.
I understand that I may be required to participate in an oral presentation portion of the RFP
evaluation process.
If <Name of Offeror> is selected as the Contractor for this RFP, I am willing to accept assignment to
this position.
_____________________________________ _______________
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