Reverse Mortgage Loan Summary Page 2


[Description of consumer’s rights to refund of fees]
Account Opening Fees
[Account opening fees]
[Description of itemized one-time account opening fees]
TOTAL Account Opening Fees
[Description of total one-time account opening fees]
Monthly Fees
(added to your loan balance each month but not collected until the loan is due)
[Monthly Fees]
[Description of fees imposed by the creditor for availability of
the reverse mortgage]
Interest Charges
[Starts at] [APR] annually [but this rate can change]
Other Fees
Early Termination Fee
[Description of fees imposed by the creditor for early
termination of the reverse mortgage]
[Statements about other fees]
Borrowing Guidelines
Minimum Transaction
[Description of any minimum draw requirements]
Limits on Number of Credit
[Description of any limitations on the number of extensions of
Limits on Amount of Credit Borrowed
[Description of any limitations on the amount of credit that
may be obtained during any time period]
How the Loan Balance Grows
[Description of how loan balance may grow, related to table below]
After 1 Year
After 5 Years
After 10 Years
How much money will you have received?
How much will be owed for interest + fees?
How much will be owed altogether?


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