Cover Letter Template


Cover Letter Template
[Your Company Letterhead]
Contact Name
Company Name
Company Address
Company Address
Dear Mr./Ms. Contact Person:
[I enjoyed speaking with you earlier today. Thank you for taking the time to
assist us with our sponsorship request. The proposal you requested follows this letter.]
(This section may be added depending on whether you have had a chance to establish a
contact with the potential sponsor.)
At [your Company name], our mission has been/is (choose one) to [insert your
mission statement]. [Insert one/two sentences about what your Company does to achieve
your mission].
We are currently seeking sponsorship for [insert your event/organization name].
[Insert one/two sentences about your event/organization. This section should include a
brief description of your event and information about your target market].
I am writing to request [Sponsor name]’s [financial/value-in-kind assistance]
(choose one) with [event/organization name]. (Note: Be specific about what you want
from the sponsor, i.e. money or product). Your participation will [include a statement as
to how the sponsor’s involvement will benefit your event/organization].
I appreciate your consideration. Please call me at [insert contact number] if you
have any questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you.
[Insert name]
[Insert Position/Title]


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