2006-2007 Ab 540 Dream Project Application - Allan Hancock College


2017-2018 AB 540 Dream Scholarship
Must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the AB 540 Dream Scholarship:
A. If you are a new Hancock student, you must complete the online admissions application
along with the AB 540 affidavit. Please call 922-6966 extension 3248 if you have any questions
about the admissions application.
B. Eligible for AB 540
1. Attended a CA high school for three or more years or attained credits equivalent to three years of HS
and attended a combination of elementary, middle, and/or high school in California for a total of three
or more years;
2. Graduated from a CA high school or attained the equivalent (GED or HS proficiency exam)
3. Filed the AB 540 affidavit with your college or university
C. Awarded BOG for 2017-2018 Academic Year. You can fill out Dream Act application online
or you can obtain and submit the paper BOG form at Financial Aid office. Please call 922-6966
extension 3205 if you have any questions about the BOG form.
D. Enrolled in credit classes at Allan Hancock for Fall 2017
E. Demonstrate high financial need.
F. Express desire and demonstrate motivation to obtain a higher education.
Please turn in the following to the EOPS office at Allan Hancock College, building A:
1. Application
2. Personal statement
3. Copy of Fall 2017 class schedule
Letter of recommendation
(Use form provided, no attachments, cannot be a family member.)
Application deadline is June 19 by 3:00 p.m.
*LATE and INCOMPLETE applications will NOT be considered.
Selected students will be notified by July 1 via email.
This opportunity is possible because of the donations and support from community
members and Allan Hancock faculty and staff.


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