Missing Daily Physical Activity Log Assignment


First Name and Last Name
Student #:_________________
MISSING Daily Physical Activity Log – “I” Assignment #1
Missing Term(s):__________ School Year 20___ to 20___
1. Why did you not submit your DPA?__________________________________________
2. What types of activities did you participate in? ________________________________
3. What are three positive results of Daily Physical Activity?
i. ____________________________________________________________________
ii. ___________________________________________________________________
iii. ___________________________________________________________________
4. Research 2 activities in the community that you could be participating outside of school.
Provide some details about these program options.
Location, date time, cost (please attach a copy of a flyer, brochure or online schedule)
1. ___________________________________________________________________
2. ___________________________________________________________________
5. On the reverse side of this page, make a one month plan to incorporate physical
activities into your life. (Create a realistic schedule that you can follow).
6. Have your parents or guardians sign the assignment. X___________________________
I understand that students must complete Daily Physical Activity every term in order to Graduate in the
Province of British Columbia. Students are required to submit a physical activity log every term in grades
10, 11 and 12.
Refer to the school website for more details:
H:\GRAD TRANSITIONS\DPA\Make-up I assignment for missing DPA-FIRST ASSIGNMENT(1
DUE DATE: ______________________


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