News Release Template


News Release Template
First paragraph
A few words on what the press release is about and ‘the hook’ (the one thing that
will make the journalist want to read on)
Main body – make sure you include:
1. Who (is the event/initiative for, who will benefit?)
2. What (is the event/ initiative about?)
3. Why (is the event/initiative being held?)
4. Where (is the event/initiative being held?)
5. When (is the event/initiative taking place?)
6. How (how much? how to book? how to get in touch?)
1. Please include a quote from a key spokesperson or lead for your project.
2. Portfolio Member Quote.
Ideally your press release should include a quote from a relevant Member.
Please feel free to ask us for a quote via email, the Communications and
Marketing Team will then liaise with the relevant member to gain final approval
and make amendments as necessary.
Final paragraph:
A one line summary of the release and who the public should contact for more


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