Sample Letter To Senator Template


How to Write a Letter to Your Representative
Written letters and e-mails are vital to helping California’s State Assembly Members and
State Senators understand taxpayer perspectives. Writing to lawmakers also offers an
opportunity to maintain contact and keep important taxpayer issues on the minds of
California’s Legislature.
1) Keep Your Letter Concise and to the Point
• Try to keep your letter to one page in length, and focus on just one issue.
2) Identify Yourself
• Introduce yourself by describing what you do and where you live
(preferably in one sentence).
3) Be Focused
• Next describe in a brief paragraph why you are writing your legislator. For
example: “I am writing to urge your support/opposition to [insert bill
number], which will [describe what the bill does].” If you’re writing on a
broader topic, such as protecting Proposition 13, a bill number may not be
necessary, but instead focus on what impact the topic has on your
business or your family. When possible, try to use bullet points to provide
an overview of your arguments.
4) How Does this Impact You?
• Help your State Assembly Member or Senator understand why your
position is important. Use your own knowledge or experience, or provide
an anecdote from your local community.
5) Follow Up
• In your letter, be sure to include your contact information, should your
Assembly Member or Senator wish to contact you for additional
6) Avoid Jargon and Name-Calling
• Make sure to describe any abbreviations or terms that aren’t commonly
known, and be respectful even if you strongly disagree with a lawmaker’s
point of view.


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