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Certified Recovery Peer Specialist
Character-Personal Recommendation for Certification Form
Thank you for taking the time to provide a Character-Personal Recommendation for Certification for the applicant
named in Part 1 of this form. Your feedback is a critical component of the application process and directly assists the
candidate’s pursuit of the Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS) designation.
Please carefully read the Definition of a Character-Personal Recommendation and the Description of a Recovery Peer
Specialist. Based on your relationship and direct experiences with the applicant, carefully consider his or her
appropriateness for the role. If you have any question as to the qualifications, scope of service and expectations of a
Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS), please contact our offices directly at 850-222-6314.
This Character-Personal Recommendation for Certification Form must be completed by the individual providing the
recommendation. Please do not ask the applicant to complete any part of the form, except Part 1. It is FCB policy that
this form is completed by the individual providing the applicant’s recommendation only.
Upon completion, please submit the form and any supporting documentation (optional) directly to the FCB via fax,
email, or mail: the FCB will not accept Character-Personal Recommendation for Certification Forms completed and/or
submitted in part or whole by the applicant.
Subject Line: Professional Recommendation (applicant name)
Florida Certification Board
Attn: Certification Operations
1715 South Gadsden Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Definition of a Character-Personal Recommendation: For certification purposes, a Character-Personal recommendation
is provided by an individual who knows the applicant in a personal capacity. Character-Personal recommendations are
often provided by business acquaintances, customers or clients, teachers, trainers, professors, friends or neighbors. The
Character-Personal recommendation should discuss the applicant’s traits, such as his or her personality,
integrity, dependability, and/or insights into work habits, talents and skills.
While the recommendation will primarily
discuss the applicant’s personality, it should give the NYCA an idea of the type of individual applying for certification as a
Recovery Peer Advocate.
A Character-Personal Recommendation for Certification may not be provided by a relative, any person sharing the same
household, or any person in a romantic, domestic, or familial relationship with the applicant.
Description of a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS)
The Certified Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS) designation is for those persons who possess competency in the field of
peer-delivered recovery support services. Specifically, a CRPS helps to ensure participant directed care by assisting the
individual to build the specific skills and relationships he or she needs in order to achieve and maintain recovery. The
CRPS achieves this goal by mentoring, monitoring, and motivating the individual to develop habits and skills necessary
for recovery. All tasks are conducted from the perspective of participant choice. As such, the Certified Recovery Peer
Specialist must be able to differentially apply the skill set to meet the individual needs of the participant from where he
or she is in recovery.
Florida Certification Board (FCB)
CRPS Character/Personal Recommendation Form


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