Sample Letter To Tenant Screening Company


Sample Letter to Tenant Screening Company
Tenant Screening Company
123 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 12345
Pig-Stuy Realty LLC v. Tammy Tenant
Index No. L&T 12345/09
Civil Court, New York County
To Whom It May Concern:
Please be advised that I am the respondent in the above referenced proceeding. On
March1, 2009, the proceeding was discontinued with prejudice pursuant to a “so ordered”
stipulation (copy enclosed).
The petitioner landlord in the case acknowledged that the case was brought against me in
error. The landlord consented to the deletion of the proceeding from the database of any
tenant screening bureau.
It is my understanding that your firm is a subscriber to the New York City Housing Court
electronic database. Based upon the above, demand is hereby made that this proceeding
be expunged from your database and that you confirm such action in writing.
Tammy Tenant
Encl (copy of stipulation)


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