Sample Letter Of Intent For A Cooperative Research And Development Agreement


Sample Letter of Intent
for a
[Company Name and Address]
Dear ________________________:
It is my understanding that a cooperative research and development project between the parties referenced
below is being considered. Accordingly, until the formal Collaborative Research and Development
Agreement (CRADA) is reviewed by the Agency and approved by the Director, CDC Center, Institute, or
Office (CIO), this Letter is offered to permit the joint research to commence.
It is acknowledged by the parties below that cooperative research pursuant to the Research Plan, attached
as Appendix A, will be conducted informally by the CDC Principle Investigator and Collaborator pending
formal approval of the CRADA. It is further acknowledged that patentable inventions may be made by
CDC employees and employees of the Collaborator. Pursuant to its authority under the Federal
Technology Transfer Act of 1986, CDC agrees that should this CRADA be approved, it will have
retroactive effect to the date that the last party has executed this Letter for any inventions that may be
made under this Research Plan. CDC further agrees that this CRADA also will have retroactive effect to
the date that the last party has executed this Letter for confidentiality obligations specified in the PHS
Model CRADA. The PHS Model CRADA provisions for the protection of proprietary information are
incorporated by reference and are considered controlling. These provisions include, but are not limited to
Articles 2.7 and 8.1-8.7. The PHS Model CRADA is attached as Appendix B.
You understand, however, that this letter is not a commitment on the part of either party to enter into a
CRADA. Further, this Letter is effective for a term not to exceed six months. The six month term may be
extended, provided the CRADA is under active negotiation and the collaborative research is continuing.
Assuming that the necessary approvals are forthcoming, we look forward to a successful collaboration.
Andrew Watkins, J.D., Ph.D.
Director, CDC Technology Transfer Office
CDC Center, Institute, or Office
Director, CIO


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