Sample Letter Of Recommendation For A Student


Sample Letter of Recommendation for a Student
(Recommendation for your best science student)
“Student A” was a student in my Chemistry 101A class at Ohlone College in the Spring semester
of ‘07. “Student A” demonstrates talent and promise in chemistry.
He has unusual ability
applying the chemical concepts to problem solving.
“Student A” does well in the laboratory. All his technique reflects competence, thoroughness,
and attention to detail. He picks up new skills quickly and requires very little instruction or help.
of all he has the patience it takes to work carefully and repeat trials until the desired result is
achieved. In a column chromatography lab earlier this semester, Student E was one of the few
students who were able to attain correct results owing to his patience and skill.
“Student A” seeks understanding and mastery of the subject matter. For example, there was one
lab experiment in my class where the students were given model kits to build molecules. Student
E came after class and borrowed the model kit to practice building the models again and again
until he had mastered molecular geometry.
Words I would use to describe “Student A” are “intelligent”, “mature”, “patient”, and “self-
motivated”. He possesses unusual self-direction and can be relied upon to do things well,
requiring very little explanation or supervision.
“Student A” is quiet and studious. When working in the lab he cooperates with others. I would
urge him to become even active in campus clubs. This would help him improve his English and
gain confidence. He might benefit from a speech class or from regular conversations with an
English-speaking colleague.
“Student A” tutors in both the math and chemistry learning centers, which he has done for the
past two years. “Student A” attends all the extra curricular science lectures at Ohlone College --
as the science events coordinator, I see him at all the functions. He is always there with great
questions and a smile, eager to learn.
In junior high school “Student A” participated in volunteer activities such as feeding
homeless people. He was a server in the lunch line; also he packed sack lunches. He was
deeply inspired by the gratitude of those persons.
“Student A” is a gifted student with maturity, scientific intellect, and a keen interest in the
sciences. He has intelligence, patience, enthusiasm, and motivation. He needs the sort of
challenge that can be found at a top university. Student E places hard work, ethics and
dependability as top priorities in his life. I feel confident that he will be a strong addition to your


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