Rules And Regulations For Residential Home


Rules and Regulations for Residential Home
To benefit all residents and to insure proper use of both the rented premises and the
entire building, Tenants agree to comply with the following Rules and Regulations. These
Rules and Regulations are part of Tenants' Lease.
1. Tenants will use the premises for residential purposes only; will not conduct any
business in or from their premises; will obey all laws, ordinances, and health regulations;
and will do nothing that may injure the reputation or condition of the building or its owner.
Solicitation of any kind, by guests or Tenants, is prohibited at all times.
2. Tenants will not do anything or keep anything in or about the premises that in any way
will increase the risk of fire or that may conflict with fire or insurance regulations.
3. Tenants shall respect the rights of all other tenants/occupants of the building to peace
and quiet and will not disturb any of them unreasonably by shouting or other loud use of his
or her voice, with noise, music, radios and televisions, odor, or in any other way. All
abusive, disorderly, violent, or harassing conduct by a Tenant, including but not limited to
abusive and/or foul language, sexually explicit comments toward tenants, occupants, or
management is prohibited and is grounds for immediate termination of tenancy. Likewise,
vandalism of any kind by a Tenant on or to Landlord's property is prohibited.
4. Tenants are responsible for the behavior of any and all of their guests, visitors, and
invitees. Such persons may not break Tenants' Lease or these Rules and Regulations.
Tenants are responsible to pay for any damages or clean-up resulting from the conduct of
their guests, visitors, and invitees.
5. Except for controls in Tenants' premises, intended for Tenants' use, Tenants will not
operate any other controls relating to the building's utility services without the expressed,
written, prior approval of Landlord. This includes but is not limited to heating and air
conditioning, water and sewer, gas, electric (including lighting), elevators, laundry, or other
equipment, and Tenants will not enter the boiler/furnace room.
6. Tenants will not obstruct entrances, public areas, hallways or other corridors, stairs,
exits, elevators, lobbies, driveways, parking areas, walks, or fire escapes.
7. Tenants will not drive any nails or screws into walls, floors, tiles, ceilings, woodwork, or
partitions; will not drill holes or fasten any article on any part of the premises, or damage or
deface the same. Pictures may be hung, provided that only small size "a" type "Bulldog"
type hangers or push pins are used. Use of tape, glue, or adhesive of any kind is not
permitted. Nothing, including clothes, towels, pictures, or any other item, shall be hung


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