Sample Letter To Retailer


Sample Letter to Retailer
Dear {Name}:
In an effort to reduce young people’s access to alcohol, {Law Enforcement Agencies}
have implemented a community-wide program to combat underage drinking. The
success of the program relies on the partnership and participation of law enforcement
officials, schools, special event organizers, retailers, and the community.
Enforcement activities will be taking place with a special focus on young adults under
the age of 21 who are drinking alcohol as well as adults furnishing alcohol to minors.
Undercover police officers will be responding to underage parties and special events as
well as doing surveillance of retailer parking lots {be specific or tailor this to what your
agency is doing}. If an underage person is caught with alcohol or if an adult is found
furnishing alcohol to minors, there will be severe consequences.
We ask that you help support the program in the following ways:
· Ensure your employees check identification and refuse to sell to underage youth.
· Post signs in your establishment that tell of your zero tolerance approach to selling
to youth.
· Discuss underage drinking and its impact on the community with colleagues and
other community members.
· Inform and urge other community members to support the program.
· Enforce underage drinking penalties.
By working together to reduce underage drinking, we can increase the safety of the
entire community. We thank you for your time and consideration.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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