Sample - Job Abandonment Dismissal


SAMPLE – Job Abandonment Dismissal
Via [Hand Delivery / Certified Mail No._________]
Dear [Mr./Ms. Last Name]:
The purpose of this letter is to advise you of my decision to dismiss you from employment as a
[Classification] with the [agency/department name], effective [date – 15 calendar days from
the date of the letter]. This personnel action is being taken in accordance with subsection
12.2.c. of the Administrative Rule of the West Virginia Division of Personnel, W. V
. C
§143-1-1 et seq., and provides for a fifteen (15) calendar day notice period. Whereas you are
being dismissed for job abandonment you are ineligible for severance pay in accordance with
the Administrative Rule. You will, however, be paid for all annual leave accrued and unused as
of your last working day. [Final wages must be paid within timeframes provided in the Wage
Payment and Collection Act.]
This letter shall also serve as notice that you have been absent without prior approval since
[date]. Specifically, you did not report to work on [date], nor did you request annual or sick
leave in advance of your absence from work. Since this date, you have neither reported for
work, nor have you contacted your supervisor regarding the reasons for your absence. As such,
in compliance with W. V
. C
R. §143-1-14.6, the period of absence from [date unauthorized
leave began] up until the date of this notice shall be charged to unauthorized leave and your
pay will be docked for your scheduled work hours during this period.
All property belonging to the State of West Virginia, which you have under your control or in
your personal possession, must be returned and delivered to the control of [name], [title],
immediately, or at a mutually agreed upon date, time, and location. Such property shall include,
but not be limited to: keys to any State offices, access cards, and identification cards. You are
not to enter the non-public areas of the [agency/department name] offices without prior
authorization from me or an agent of my office.
So that you may understand the specific reason for your dismissal I recount the following
[Provide specific and defensible details including dates of previous personnel actions and
unacceptable events, last communication with employee, unsuccessful attempts to contact
the individual by telephone and/or letter, etc.]:


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