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Dear Dr Koop:
Chris Smith MD, has been a Postdoctoral Scholar in Pediatric Orthopedic Oncology at
Northsouthern School of Medicine. While at our institution, Dr. Smith actively participated in
our research and educational activities. During the last year at Northsouthern, Dr. Smith also
trained in Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery.
Dr. Smith’s research activities focused on the use of three dimensional contrast CT scanning for
the assessment and quantification of blood flow and metabolism in solid bone tumors in the long
bones of pediatric patients. An early study established a correlation between patterns of blood
flow and tumor metabolism and the long term outcome of patients with solid tumors of long
bones, while a second study . . . [+9 lines]. Some of this work has already been published in first
rate orthopedic journals while other parts are currently under review by journals.
Dr. Smith’s accomplishments are important for they demonstrate and underscore the clinical
significance of altered patterns of blood flow and tumor metabolism for patient mortality and
morbidity as well as for defining their implications for the management of patients with expected
very poor prognosis for limb salvage. These accomplishments have been recognized locally by
having been awarded two consecutive grants by the Greater Affiliate of the American Society for
Orthopedic Surgeons. We believe it is also fair to state that these accomplishments have
received, at least to some degree, national recognition as evidenced by several job offers.
Overall, we have found Chris to be a highly intelligent and hard working young doctor. Chris
communicates and collaborates well with peers and supervisors. On a more personal side, it
saddened us to see Chris leave our institution, due to our inability to secure continued funding
for the position. We believe that Chris is a promising, highly productive and creative young
researcher who undoubtedly will become an independent and innovative investigator. Therefore,
it is with considerable enthusiasm that we support unequivocally the proposed appointment to
Assistant Professor of Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery and Oncology.
Charles Lewis, MD
Chief, Dept. of Pediatric Oncology


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