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Dear Alfred:
I am writing to you a letter of recommendation for my good friend, Dr. Chris Smith, MD. As you
probably know, I’ve known Chris for about 7 years. I’ve watched Chris’s career development
while working at Northsouthern University, as well as presentations and prize winning events at
the Academy of Pediatrics while Chris was a resident at Northsouthern and then did a fellowship
year with me and Dr Dolittle in St. Louis some years ago.
Without any doubt, I am struck by Chris’s integrity, compassion, and commitment. The
candidate is totally intolerant of shoddy research work and any work which has a hint of padding
or error. Additionally, while working with Chris in St. Louis, I was able to observe Chris’s
surgical skills. I feel Chris has been very well-trained surgically in St. Louis, but still lacks
confidence at times. Sam Livingood is well aware of this and will no doubt work on this during
the period of clinical practice at Centvingtcinq.
I feel the addition of Chris to the faculty of Centvingtcinq University and particularly to the
Department of Cardiology of Children’s Hospital to be a tremendous plus for that center. Chris’s
research work over the last few years has been ‘top drawer’ and virtually unchallengeable. I can
only predict a great future for this young candidate and I am delighted that Chris has returned to
further career opportunities.
If you have any further questions about Chris I’d be happy to discuss them with you.
Sincerely yours,
Charles Lewis, MD
Chief, Division of Cardiology


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