Report Of Transient Lodging Tax (City Of Alexandria, Virginia)

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City of Alexandria, Virginia
(City of Alexandria Code Section 3-2-141 through 3-2-151)
Owner Name
Federal I.D. Number ___________________________
Trade Name
Business License Number _______________________
Business Location _____________________________________________________________________________________
Gross Receipts
Number of Room Rentals
For the Month
Per Night For the Month
1. Total Gross Rentals
2. Allowable Deductions
A. Exempt Rentals (Over 90 Consecutive Days)
B. Other Exempt Rentals Included in Line 1
C. Exempt Rentals Included in Prior Reports
D. Total Deductions
3. Line 1 Less Line 2D
3A. $
____ 3B. _____________________
4. Tax on Gross Receipts (5.5% of Line 3A)
5. Tax Per Room Per Night (Line 3B x $1)
6. Total Tax Due (Line 4 Plus Line 5)
7. Penalty for Late Payment (10% of Amount on Line 6)
8. Interest (10% Per Annum on Sum of Amounts on Lines 6 and 7)
$ _________________________
9. Total Tax, Penalty and Interest (Sum of Lines 6, 7 & 8)
$ _________________________
10. Other Non-Taxable Sales (Telephone, Valet, etc.)
11. Total Gross Receipts (Line 1 plus Line 10)
I declare that this report has been examined by me and to the best of my knowledge and belief is a true, correct and complete
Preparer’s Name_________________________________________ Signature _____________________________________
The report and tax payment are due on or before the last day of the calendar month following the month being reported.
Make check payable to the “City of Alexandria”. Please return this report with payment to:
Business Tax Audit Unit
Department of Finance
City of Alexandria - Miscellaneous Tax
Dept. 939
Alexandria, VA 22334-0939
Telephone: (703) 838-3869


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