Special Education Progress Screening Report (Pm1)


Natchitoches Parish School Board
Progress Monitoring Procedures for Students in Special Education
with Academic & Challenging Behaviors in General Education
1. Special education teacher will supply general education teacher with a Special Education
Progress Screening Report form (PM1) for all special education students. This is to be
completed by general education teachers each week. Purpose is for early identification of
academic or behavior concerns.
a. If there is an academic or behavior problem identified on PM1 for any student, the
general education teacher will complete the General Education Concern Form (PM2).
b. The PM1 and PM2 forms will be turned in to special education teacher at the end of
the day on Friday of each week.
2. The special education teacher will schedule a SBLC (School Building Level Committee)
meeting within 5 days to discuss academic or behavior problems of individual students.
Committee should include: Administrator, Master teacher, Regular Education and Special
Education teacher and others as needed. Notification will be given to support staff as
a. At this meeting the Evidence of Student Assistance Team Collaboration Form (PM3)
will be completed and decisions will be made concerning supports and strategies to
be implemented. Principals must sign this form at the end of the meeting.
3. Copies of the Collaboration form (PM3) will be given to pupil appraisal, and forwarded to
special education program coordinators, and special education director. One copy will be
filed in the Student’s IEP folder.
4. The pupil appraisal staff assigned to the school will observe the student in his/her classroom
the week following the meeting to ensure the strategies and supports are appropriate and
being implemented. Non-compliance of procedures will be reported to school principal, and
special education program coordinators and the special education director. (PM4)
5. Special Education Coordinators will schedule a meeting at the school with principal, and
teachers involved to discuss the compliance issues addressed on the PM4. A report of this
meeting will be provided to the special education director.
6. Pupil Appraisal will revisit the classroom (within a week) to monitor progress on
interventions in the classroom listed on PM3. If the non-compliance continues the Special
Education Director and the Superintendent will be notified using the Progress Monitoring
Non-Compliance form (PM5).
7. The Principal, Special Education Director and the Superintendent will resolve the issues at
this point.
8. Special Education teachers will be responsible for disseminating copies and filing them in the
appropriate folders and notebooks.


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