The Purpose Of The Five Elements Astrology Report And The Five Elements Nutrition Chart


Over the intervening millennia, humanity has gradually lost its sensitivity to the world of
vibration (such as chi), as we become more concerned with material development, and as
our biological conditions have become more clouded and insensitive. Humans are born and
nursed in an environment which is strongly influenced by the energy flow (Chi and
magnetic forces)on the Earth as well as from other planets and celestial bodies.
When you are born the first breath of air you take is filled with the energy vibrations of the
Five Elements. The Fire element is the sun vibration, the Earth elements is the soil or
ground vibration, the Metal element is the rocks or mountain vibration, the Water element is
the river or lake vibration and the Wood element is the tree vibration. The first
environmental energy patterns that you breath of the five elements connect with the Five
Vital Organs (Fire/Heart, Earth/Spleen, Metal/Lungs, Water/Kidneys, & Wood/Liver) forming
your internal energy blue print. With this report you have the opportunity to change and
balance your organs because you have the energy blueprint from the beginning of your
biological life.
The Four Pillars is one of the theories in Chinese
Astrology which calculates the expected effect of the
environment, including celestial bodies, on an individual.
This report based on the Four Pillars, provides an
analysis of your Five Elements and a description of the
characteristics of your organs.
Although no one can change you inherent energy
character within each organ, the energy can be brought
closer to harmony by changing the quality and quantity of
the energy you receive through diet, meditation and the
influence of the environmental energy.
This report suggests a list of food which will help balance
energy within oneself. It details the effect of the
environmental energy on the individual & how to deal
with deficient or excess energy.
Once you are aware of the quality and quantity of the five elements that you possess as
well as the status of your organs, it is conceivable that you have a better chance of
becoming more balanced and harmonious. You can aquifer the ability to mold your own
lifestyle to fit your desires and ambitions with these specific attributes.
This report provides details on:
* Your inherent five elements energy
* Effect of the environments energy
* Diet for balancing the energy within
* Meditation for balancing the energy within
* How to deal with deficient or excess energy


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