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ePAF Form ID: ___________
On behalf of the University of Central Florida, it is a pleasure to offer you this agreement for services as
described below. This is subject to the Constitution and Laws of the State of Florida, and the applicable
rules and regulations of the state and the University. Neither this agreement, nor any action or commitment
taken pursuant to it, is final nor binding upon the parties until, and unless the signature of the University
President or representative as approving authority, and the signature of the Employee have been affixed.
Employee Name:
Employee ID:
Position Number:
Job Code/Title: Post Doctoral Associate (9189)
Employee Class: Post Doctoral Associate
Assigned FTE:
Liability Dept # & Name: ________________________________________________________
Salary is based on a ____-month agreement from ___ / ___ / 20___ to ___ / ___ / 20___
Total Amount for contract period: $ __________
Biweekly Rate: $__________
Annual Rate (based on 26.1 pay periods) $ __________
Special Conditions of Employment:
This agreement replaces any previous agreement that covers all or part of this period and supersedes any
such previous agreement. Nothing in this appointment shall be deemed to create any right, interest, or
expectancy of continued employment beyond that term set forth above. The University reserves the right to
terminate this appointment agreement. An employee may be notified of non-reappointment at any time
during the term of this appointment. Funding is contingent upon the availability of funds.
Federal Immigration Laws require this offer to be contingent upon your ability to provide
documentation proving United States citizenship or your legal right to work in the United
Employment under this agreement will cease on the date indicated. No further
notice of cessation of employment is required.
Post Doctoral Associates are eligible for limited benefits.
Post Doctoral Associates are not eligible for leave payouts.
This agreement must be returned to the approving authority (indicated by the signature below) within 10
days of the Date of Offer.
President or Representative
Date of Offer
Date of Acceptance
Records Original ____
Div/Dept/Coll Copy ____
Employee Copy ____
Rev 26Nov2012


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