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This form
be completed by the supervisor and department head prior to hire.
UCF Policy 3-008.2 Employment of Relatives specifically prohibits the appointment of relatives to any position where a direct or indirect
supervisory relationship would exist between relatives. Because the employment of any relative creates a potential or real conflict of interest,
no relatives shall be employed by, transferred to, or promoted within a single unit, department, or college where a direct or indirect
supervisory relationship or conflict of interest exists, or creates a situation which places relatives in a foreseeable conflict of interest between
the interests of the university and the interests of the relatives.
Employment includes appointments to a position in any pay plan, temporary or casual employment, or paid student position such as OPS
student assistants, graduate assistants, research assistants, or OPS non-student employees. Relative is anyone related to an employee,
including, where applicable, (foster, adopted, step-, grand-, half-, in-law, spouse of, or great-) parent, child, sibling, first cousin, spouse,
domestic partner, significant other, uncle, aunt, nephew, and /or niece. Persons who intend to marry or with whom the employee intends to
form a domestic partnership or other intimate relationship are included in the definition of relative. A conflict of interest which arises from a
direct or indirect supervisory relationship includes, but is not limited to, participation or influence by the relative making any
recommendations or decisions specifically affecting the appointment, retention, tenure, supervision, work assignments (including job
performance or work activities), evaluations/appraisals, promotion, demotion, or salary of the related person.
PRIOR to the hiring of any relative of a current UCF employee within the same unit, department, or college, this form must be submitted
and approved to demonstrate that there is no conflict of interest or violation of UCF Policy 3-008.2 Employment of Relatives.
Applicant / Candidate / Relative to be hired
Employee’s Name: _________________________________
Relative’s Name: _________________________________
Department: ______________________________________
Hiring Department: ________________________________
College/Division: __________________________________
College/Division: __________________________________
Appointment Type: ________________________________
Relative’s Appointment Type: ________________________
Position Title: ____________________________________
Relative’s Position Title: ____________________________
Direct Supervisor’s Name: __________________________
Relative’s Direct Supervisor Name: ___________________
Position/Rank/Title: ________________________________
Position/Rank/Title: ________________________________
Second level Supervisor’s Name: _____________________
Second level Supervisor Name: _______________________
Position/Rank/Title: ________________________________
Position/Rank/Title: ________________________________
RELATIONSHIP between current employee and applicant/candidate:
JUSTIFICATION as to why this candidate is uniquely qualified to fulfill this position:
A formal organizational chart that demonstrates the chain of command for both individuals MUST be submitted with this form.
Please submit one completed and signed form for each relationship. A new form must be completed if there is a change in reporting structure or employee
relationship. Completed and signed forms for Faculty, Adjuncts, Post-Doctoral Associates and teaching and research undergraduate/graduate students must
be sent to Faculty Excellence (MH351). Completed and signed forms for A&P and USPS appointments must be attached to the Online Employment System.
For OPS, including student employee appointments, the forms must be sent to Human Resources (IC +4: 0140).
Supervisor’s Name (print) – Current Employee
Current Employee Supervisor - Signature
Supervisor’s Name (print) – Relative to be hired
Relative to be hired Supervisor - Signature
Head of Academic, Research or Administrative Unit (print)
Head of Academic, Research or Administrative Unit - Signature
Faculty Excellence / Human Resources approval (print)
Faculty Excellence / Human Resources approval - Signature
Revised: 11/18/2015


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