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If awarded the contract the successful bidder shall report to the campus, on a periodic basis
established in the contract, the dollar amount of DVBE participation.
For more information regarding DVBE certification, copies of directories or for
general DVBE information, contact:
Office of Small Business and DVBE Services, Room 1-400
P.O. Box 989052,
West Sacramento, CA 95798-9052 (mailing address)
Office of Small Business and DVBE Services
707 Third Street, First Floor, Room 400
West Sacramento, CA 95605 (physical address)
Telephone number: (800) 559-5529 or (916) 375-4940 or
by fax at (916) 375-4950
Email: osdchelp@dgs.ca
Or, via the Internet at
Contractor agrees that the Trustees or its delegate will have the right to obtain, review, and
copy all records pertaining to performance of the contract, including but not limited to
reports of payments made to subcontractors during the term of a contract. Contractor
agrees to provide the Trustees or its delegate with any relevant information requested and
shall permit the Trustees or its delegate access to its premises, upon reasonable notice,
during normal business hours for the purpose of interviewing employees and inspecting
and copying such books, records, accounts, and other material that may be relevant to a
matter under investigation for the purpose of determining compliance with this
requirement. Contractor further agrees to maintain such records for a period of three (3)
years after final payment under this contract.
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