Independent Contractor Services Agreement Form


(Non-employee compensation contract)
This agreement is entered into on this ____ day of _____, 20___ by and between
_________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Contractor”) and
_________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “Client”) for services
to be rendered at: ________________________________________________________.
Contractor will commence work within _________ days after the purchase closing date
and will perform same on a daily basis. This work shall be completed no later than
__________ days from the purchase closing date.
Contractor and Client hereby agree to the following:
1. Independent Contractor: Contractor and Client intend this Agreement to be one
of independent contractor and client. Accordingly, Contractor retains the sole
right to control or direct the manner in which the services prescribed herein are to
be performed. Subject to the forgoing, Client retains the right to inspect, to stop
work, to prescribe alterations, and generally to supervise the work to insure its
quality and conformity with that specified in this Agreement. Contractor and
Client understand that it is the Contractor’s sole and complete responsibility to
pay all employment taxes, including Federal and State withholding taxes, Social
Security, and obtain insurance, including worker’s compensation coverage and
public liability insurance arising out of or relating to this Agreement. Contractor
warrants that upon signing of this agreement that Contractor has obtained all state
and necessary insurance and that it will be kept in full force and effect until the
completion of the work contracted for herein. As such, contractor herewith agrees
to sole and complete liability for any injury to self or contractor’s workers.
2. Services Provided: Contractor agrees to perform the services listed in this
contract (as contained in Exhibit “A”, attached hereto and made a part hereof by
reference) on behalf of the Client.
3. Building Permits: _______________ is responsible for obtaining building permit
as required.
4. Inspections: Contractor is responsible for arranging for and passing all required
building inspections including the certificate of occupancy.
5. Cleanup: Contractor is responsible for cleaning up/hauling and disposal of any
debris created by services performed.
6. Client Approval: Client will approve Contractor services on the following basis:
a. Their ability to meeting governing building codes
b. All required building permit inspections have been completed and
passed by the proper authority.
c. That service has been completed including all punch out work as


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