Independent Contractor Services Agreement Form Page 2


7. Invoicing: Contractor will invoice Client by Tuesday of each week at 12:00 pm
for all work completed through the end of that day. Inspection will be performed
on Wednesday to verify invoiced work has been completed. Payment will be
made each Friday for all services that have been completed inspected and
approved by Client. Client agrees to inspect each Wednesday after receipt of
invoice and immediately provide Contractor a written list of any deficiencies that
will prevent payment.
8. Cancellation: Client reserves the right to cancel any of the services in his
contract, which have not been completed by Contractor within the specified time
frame. No compensation will be due for tasks not completed.
9. Crew Size: Contractor agrees to keep a minimum of ____ workers on the job at
all times during the hours of _____ AM to ____ PM, _____ days per week in
order to assure the timely completion of this contract. Failure to do so will be
construed as a default under this agreement and Client, at is option may deduct
daily penalties as outlined herein in addition to any other penalties which may
also be due.
10. Penalties/Reward: Contractor agrees to a reduction in payment, or if payment
has already been made, Contractor agrees to reimburse to Client the sum of
$___________ per day for each day Contractor delays completion beyond
_________ days of commencement of work. In turn, Client agrees to reimburse
to Contractor the sum of $___________ per day for each day that the Contractor
completes all work ahead of ________ days of commencement of work.
Completion date shall be adjusted for change orders as agreed in writing between
Contractor and Client.
11. Communications: Contractor and Client agree that communication between the
parties is vital to the rapid completion of this contract. Each herewith agrees to
promptly respond to any message from the other party.
12. Waiver: Failure of Client to insist upon strict compliance of any of the provision
of this agreement shall not constitute a waiver of any violation, nor shall any
partial payment outside of the “payment schedule” be deemed as a waiver of any
of the Client’s right to strict compliance with any of the terms of this agreement.
13. Addresses: Contractor herewith provides to Client the true and correct residence
address and private home telephone numbers of each of the Contractors signing
14. Entire Agreement: There are no other agreements, promises or understandings
between these parties except as specifically set forth herein. This legal and
binding Agreement will be construed under ____________ (state) Law, will not
be recorded ad if not understood, parties should seek competent legal advice. If
“Scope of Work” forms are attached, the agreement contained in that document is
hereby made part hereof by reference.


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