Independent Contractor Agreement For Athletic Related Services Form


a Louisiana corporation, (hereinafter Company), with
(Name of Sports Camp)
its principal place of business located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, hereby retains the services
of________________________, (hereinafter “Contractor”), to perform athletic related services on
(Individual’s Name)
behalf of the Company, and Contractor hereby accepts such assignments in accordance with the terms
and conditions provided for herein.
The Contractor is declared to be an independent contractor and has no authority to act
for or on behalf of the Company or to bind the Company to any Agreement on any matter. The term
of this Agreement shall commence on the date below signed, and shall extend for a period of ninety
(90) days thereafter.
The Contractor shall perform services in connection with the athletic related and
instruction services offered by the Company. Contractor will not be provided with an office, and
must provide his own supplies and equipment. Contractor shall perform such service during such
times as are within the discretion of Contractor. The Company will not supervise the regular services
of Contractor. The Company will maintain general liability insurance related to the services offered
by the Company. Contractor retains the right to contact for similar services with other businesses.
Both the Contractor and the Company agree that the relationship created by this
Agreement is that of independent contractor and not that of employee. The Contractor is responsible
for the payment of any taxes, including, without limitation, all federal, state and local personal and
business income taxes, sales and use taxes, other business taxes and license fees arising out of the
activities of the Contractor. Contractor shall be compensated in accordance with a schedule attached
hereto as Exhibit “A”. Said compensation may be amended at any time pursuant to a written
agreement. Said compensation shall not be disclosed to any third party.
Contractor agrees to obtain an employer identification number from the Internal
Revenue Service and to furnish such number to the Company on Form W-9. Contractor agrees that
Contractor will comply with all tax laws applicable to the operation of Contractor's independent
contractor business, including the reporting of all gross receipts as income from the operation of the
business, the payment of all self-employment taxes, compliance with all employment tax
requirements for withholding on any employees used by Contractor and compliance with state
employment workmen's compensation laws. Contactor acknowledges that the compensation paid to
Contractor hereunder will be reported to him and the appropriate authorities on Form 1099 using the
employer identification number contractor furnishes to the Company and that, since Contractor is not
an employee, Contractor will not receive a W-2 Form nor will there be any income or employment tax
withholding on the amounts paid to Contractor by the Company.
Camp Director Name (Print)
Contractor Name (Print)
Camp Director Signature
Contractor Signature


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