Fall Science Challenge Quiz Template


Fall Science Challenge
Directions: Read each sentence. Then circle the letter next to the answer that
completes the sentence.
1. Fall begins in _____________.
a. August
b. September
c. October
2. In the fall, squirrels store _____________ to eat in the winter.
a. pumpkins
b. oranges
c. nuts
3. In the fall, _____________.
a. the sun sets earlier every day
b. the sun sets later every day
c. the sun sets at the same time every day
4. The day that fall starts is called the _____________.
a. fall equinox
b. fall solstice
c. winter solstice
5. In the fall, monarch butterflies _____________.
a. build nests for the winter
b. fly south for the winter
c. make cocoons to spend the winter in
6. _____________ are more likely to take place in the fall than in the spring in the
United States.
a. Tornadoes
b. Earthquakes
c. Hurricanes
7. During the fall, _____________.
a. there are fewer hours of daylight than in the summer
b. there are more hours of daylight than in the summer
c. the hours of daylight do not change
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