Alcohol Form #2 Request To Use Alcoholic Beverages On University Property

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Request to Use Alcoholic Beverages on University Property
(Alcohol Form #2)
All persons attending the event must comply with applicable federal, state and University regulations. (The
legal age to consume alcohol in Missouri is 21. The University reserves the right to request proof of age of any
person being served.) Alcohol will be served up to one hour before the event ends.
Liquor license mandates that all alcoholic beverages must be purchased and served by the University’s
contracted food services. There will be a charge for this service.
Student Organizations Note: There is a different form that student organizations must complete when
requesting to use alcoholic beverages on University property. Please contact Student Life at extension 5291 to
obtain a form.
• This form must be completed and forwarded to the Provost or appropriate Vice Chancellor for approval at
least 14 days prior to the event.
• After receiving the appropriate signatures, this form will be forwarded to Scheduling Office.
• A “Request to Use University-Administer Funds to Purchase Alcohol for University Sponsored Event” form
must be submitted at the same time.
Today’s date: ________________________________
Event coordinator: _____________________________________________ Fax number: _________________
Campus address: ______________________________________________ Campus extension: ____________
Department/Organization making application: ____________________________________________________
Date and time of the event: ___________________________________________________________________
Location of the event: _______________________________________________________________________
Estimated number of people attending the event: _____________________
Business purpose of the event: ________________________________________________________________
Facilities reservation confirmed? Yes____ No ____ Reservation ID# _________________________________
Catering order placed? Yes ____ No ____
Signature of Authorized Representative________________________________________ Date: ____________
Signature of Dean/Director/Vice Provost_______________________________________ Date: ____________
Signature of Provost/Vice Chancellor _________________________________________ Date: ____________


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