Form 42 - Application Form For Issue Of Registration Certificate For Import Of Cosmetics Into India


“Form 42
(See rule 129 A)
Application for issue of Registration Certificate for import of cosmetics into India under the Drugs
and Cosmetics Rules, 1945.
I/We*_____________________________________________ (Name and full address) hereby apply for the grant of
Registration Certificate to the manufacturer, M/s ___________________________ (full address with telephone,
fax and e-mail address of the foreign manufacturer) for his manufactured cosmetics meant for import into
1. Names of cosmetics along with their brand name and pack size(s) and variants for registration.
2. I/We* enclose herewith the information and undertaking specified in Schedule D (III) duly signed by
the manufacturer for grant of Registration Certificate for the premises stated below:-
3. A fee of ____________________ for registration of cosmetics for import as specified at serial number .2
above has been credited to the Central Government under the Head of Account “0210-Medical and Public
Health, 04-Public Health, 104-Fees and Fines" under the Drugs and cosmetics Rules, 1945 – Central”
vide Challan No., dated, (attached in original).
4. Particulars of premises to be registered where manufacture is carried on:
Address (es) :_______________________________
Telephone :_______________________________
Fax :_______________________________
E-mail :_______________________________
I/we undertake to comply with all the terms and conditions required to obtain Registration Certificate and
to keep it valid during its validity period.
Seal/Stamp of manufacturer or his authorized
agent in India.
(Note:- In case the applicant is an authorized agent of the manufacturer in India, the Power of Attorney is to
be enclosed) *Delete whichever is not applicable.


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