Business License Application - City Of Alexandria - 2016


City of Alexandria 2016 Business License Application
Business Tax
City Hall – Room 1700
P.O. Box 178, Alexandria, VA 22313
Owner’s Name:
Owner’s Address:
(Suite or Apt #)
(Zip Code)
S Corp
If Partnership, provide on a separate sheet of paper the names and addresses of the all partners
If Corporation, provide name and address of Registered Agent
If LLC, provide member’s name and social security number.
New Business
or Transfer of Ownership
Business Trade Name:
Taxpayer Identification Number:
(Federal Identification Number or Social Security Number)
Sales Tax Identification Number
Business Location:
(Suite or Apt#)
(Zip Code)
Business Telephone # (____) ________-___________________________ Fax # (_____) _________-___________________________
: ____________________
Date Business Began in Alexandria:
Number of Employees in Alexandria
Description of Business:
License Type:
Business E-Mail Address:
NAICS Code Number:
Enter 6 digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code(s) used for tax
filings. NAICS Codes are available at )
Business Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________
(Suite or Apt#)
(Zip Code)
Bank Name:
Do you own a vehicle(s) that is used for business purposes? (Check appropriate box)
If “Yes”, provide VIN and percentage of vehicle’s use for business.
Vehicle Identification Number:____________________________________ Percentage of Business Use:__________________________
(Attached an additional page, if you have more than one vehicle.)
2016 Estimated Gross Receipts:
2015 Actual Gross Receipts:
Signature: ______________________________________________
Date: _______________________________________________
(An original signature of owner or authorized corporate representative is required.)
For instructions on obtaining a license and filing for business personal property taxes, refer to the instructions on page 2 of this form.
Please note that a business may require more than one business license if it engages in more than one business activity.
(e.g. A retail store that also provide a professional consulting service or a restaurant that also retails packaged food or T-shirts.)
To avoid a statutorily assessed business personal property tax bill, you must file a business personal property tax return on or before May 1.
Business personal Property taxes are due on or before October 5.
All licenses must be renewed annually by March 1 of each license year.
Thank you for choosing to do business in the City of Alexandria!


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