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Consulate of India
Visa Guidelines
Processing Time:
Applications received at the counter between 9.00 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. are
normally processed the same day and serviced documents can be collected from
the counter between 4.00 p.m. and 5.00 p.m. Applications sent in mail will
normally take 10 working/business days to process from the date of
receipt in the Consulate. This time schedule does not apply to services where
prior approval is required from authorities in India, or other Indian Embassies.
During this period the applicants are advised to refrain from making
telephonic/written/ email inquires about the status of the application.
Following documents are required to be submitted for visa:
Download Visa application Form
a) Visa application form should be filled in legibly and clearly, in bold
(capital) letters in black/blue ink only. Incomplete and illegible applications
may not be processed.
b) Name and other relevant particulars should be filled in as per details in
the passport in expanded form.
2. Passport: It should have a minimum validity of six months on the date of
application with at least two blank pages.
3. Photographs : 2 latest identical passport size color photographs depicting
full front view of face against light background
4. Supporting documents, if the visa being applied for is other than a
Tourist Visa, the visa application should be accompanied with supporting
documents on type of visa applied for. For details, please see categories of
visa given below.
5. Visa Fee, Please see
”Fee Schedule”
for the amount of fee. In case the
applications are deposited in person at the counter, visa fee can be paid in
cash or by Cashier's Check/Certified Check or Money Order made payable
to the Consulate General of India, Houston (PERSONAL CHECKS /
CREDIT CARDS are not accepted)
6. Persons of Indian Origin applying for a visa for the FIRST time on US
passport must submit their Indian passport along with the application form
for cancellation and return. If the visa is required on a new US passport
booklet, either previous US passport or photocopy of Indian visa are to be
submitted with the application.


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