Company Autorization Resolution Form


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□ Supersedes Previous Resolution
Century Bank
A/C Name: _________________________________________
Referred to in this document as “Financial Institution”
Referred to in this document as “Company”
N.M. Company Code: ________________________________
I ___________________________, certify that I am Secretary (clerk) of the above named Company organized under the
laws of ________________________________, Federal Employer ID Number ________________, engaged in business
under the legal name of _____________________________________________________________________ , state that
this is a true and accurate copy of the resolution adopted effective the day of ___________________ , 20__ by Board of
Directors or governing board at a meeting held on the ____ day of ___________, 20__, or by written consent dated ________
day of ____________, 20__.
AGENTS Any Agent listed below, subject to any written limitations, is authorized to exercise the powers granted as indicated
Title or Position
A. ______________________________
_______________________ X __________________________________
B. ______________________________
_______________________ X __________________________________
C. ______________________________
_______________________ X __________________________________
D. ______________________________
_______________________ X __________________________________
E. ______________________________
_______________________ X __________________________________
F. ______________________________
_______________________ X __________________________________
POWERS GRANTED (Attach one or more Agents to each power by placing the letter corresponding to their name in the area
before each power. Following each power indicate the number of Agent signatures required to exercise the power.):
Indicate A, B, C,
Indicate number of
D, E, and/or F
signatures required:
___________(1) Exercise and sign Application for Deposit of Securities 600A
___________(2) Exercise and sign Application for Withdrawal of Securities 600B
___________(3) Exercise, sign and modify Company Name Address Verification Form
___________(4) Exercise, sign; add and replace users to the Internet Access Agreement
LIMITATIONS ON POWERS The following are the Company’s express limitations on the powers granted under this resolution.
EFFECT ON PREVIOUS RESOLUTIONS This resolution supersedes all previous resolutions received by the financial institution
I further certify that the Board of Directors of the Company has, and at the time of adoption of this resolution had, full power and
lawful authority to adopt the resolutions on page 2 and to confer the powers granted above to the persons named who have full
power and lawful authority to exercise the same. (Apply seal below where appropriate)
In Witness Whereof, I have subscribed my name to this document and
affixed the seal of the Company on _______________ (date).
Attest by one Other Officer
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