Instructions For Schedule A (Form 990 Or 990-Ez) - 2005 Page 13


must identify the organization on line 52
exempt organization on line 51a(ii), you
sufficient. If you need more space, write
even if neither factor is present at the end
should not list the organization on line 52.
“see attached” in column (c) and use a
of the year.
separate sheet to describe the
Column (b). Enter the exempt
relationship. If you list more than one
Do not enter unrelated noncharitable
category of the organization; for example,
organization on line 52, identify which
exempt organizations on line 52 even if
organization you are describing on the
you report transfers to or transactions
attached sheet.
with those organizations on line 51. For
Column (c). In most cases, a simple
example, if you reported a one-time
description, such as common directors or
transfer to an unrelated noncharitable
auxiliary of reporting organization will be
Instructions for Schedule A (Form 990 or 990-EZ)


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