Basketball Level Assessment Evaluation Worksheet


The following events will be offered at State level competition. Counties/areas may offer additional events at their
Lead-Up Events
Individual Skills Competition
Team Skills Competition
Regular Events
Traditional Team Competition
Unified Team Competition
Half-Court Basketball: 3-on-3 Traditional Team Competition
Team Basketball players cannot participate in the Lead-Up Events. Participants in Basketball can compete in
one event only.
National Federation of State High School Associations (NFSHSA) rules with modifications established by SOI
(February 2012 Official Special Olympics Rules) will be followed for all Team Basketball Competition. SOI rules for
the Individual Skills Competition Official (February 2012 - Special Olympics Rules) will be followed for that
Federation International de Basketball
National Federation of State High School Associations
P.O. Box 700607
P.O. Box 690
81306 Munich Allemagne, Germany
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 972-6900
1. It is a violation for a player to double dribble.
2. A smaller basketball (28½ inches in circumference and 18 - 20 ounces in weight) may be used for junior and
pee-wee division competition.
3. All 5-as-side games must be played on a court that has the following minimum dimensions: 74 ft. in length and
50 ft. in width
4. A free throw shooter must release the ball within 10 seconds from the time the shooter receives the ball from
the official.
5. A team must have five players on the court to start any game; 3 on 3 teams must have 3 players to start game.
6. During a regulation game for 5v5, each team is allowed five time-outs - three 60-second time outs and two 30-
second time outs per team with one 6- second time out per team in each extra period (overtime). For 3v3,
each team will be given two 1-minute time-outs for the game.
During “Running Clock” games, the clock will stop for all time outs.
7. A Mercy Rule will be in affect for all Division 1 & 2 games. If, at half time, one team is leading the other team by
35 or more points, a running clock will be used for the second half (with a stop clock for the last 2 minutes of
the game).
A player may take two steps beyond what is permitted by governing body rules.
However, if the player scores, is deemed to have “traveled” or escapes the defense as a result of
these additional steps, an advantage has been gained. A violation is called immediately.
Special Olympics Florida Sports Information Guide 2015-2016


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