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This worksheet is a tool developed to assist the coach and competition committee in establishing correct team divisions.
The format will be used in conjunction with the Team Division Confirmation Form (based on performance in competition) to determine each Team’s actual division.
This evaluation must be completed no more than one week prior to Area Level/Invitational tournament and submitted to the Area Program Director prior to the
tournament. Teams advancing to Sectional and/or State Tournaments must re-evaluate no more than one week prior to the tournament and submit form to the State
Skills that must be evaluated
Fundamental Skills
Dribbling – The ability to control the ball while moving the ball around the court.
Rebounding – Rebounding includes boxing-out and jumping to the ball. It also involves good depth perception and the ability to grab the ball at the top of the jump.
Passing – A good pass includes accuracy first and then velocity.
Movement – Movement on the court includes set plays, movement without the ball and understanding of correct placement on the court.
Defense – Both one on one and team defense should be understood and executed.
Shooting – Evaluate form and type of shot, confidence to shoot and appropriateness of shot.
Lay-ups – Shooting a bank shot (lay-up) off of the correct foot with the correct hand.
Rules – Understanding of the basic rules of the game.
General Athletic Ability –Over-all speed, strength, endurance and basic motor skills.
Criteria for Evaluating each Player
5 points - Proficiently demonstrates skill in competitive situations
4 points - Competently demonstrates skill with minimal errors in majority of competitive situations
3 points - Performs skill in structured training environments
2 points - Attempts skill when cued
1 points - Unable to perform skill
Criteria for Self-Evaluation of Head Coach
5 points - Proficiently demonstrates knowledge of the game + skills to coach sport with special athletes in all situations
4 points - Competently demonstrates coaching knowledge (in this sport) and skill with minimal errors in majority of competitive situations
3 points – Knowledge of sport and skills but limited experience with SO athletes.
2 points – Experienced SO Coach but new to this sport.
1 points – New to coaching and Special Olympics. No training in either Special Olympics or coaching this sport
Special Olympics Florida Sports Information Guide 2015-2016


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