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Get Ready for Your Court Hearing
The Judge may ask:
Before the hearing:
spouse’s name.
Dress neatly. Wear clothes that look like a
How long you have lived in
business person.
Wear clothes that show
respect for the Court. This means:
If either spouse wants their
 No shorts.
old name back.
 No tank tops or low cut tops.
 No crop tops that show your belly.
If a spouse is pregnant.
 No T-shirts with words or pictures.
If your Divorce Agreement
 Turn off your cell phone or pager.
divides the property fairly.
Take all of your Court papers.
If you want the Court to grant the divorce.
It’s best if both spouses go to the hearing –
If you and your spouse have irreconcilable
but the spouse who filed the Complaint for
differences (cannot get along).
Divorce must go to the hearing. You do not
You may answer like this:
need witnesses.
Get to Court early on the day of your hearing.
 I have lived in Tennessee for at least 6
You may need to find parking and go through
 We are not expecting a child now.
 My spouse and I have no children together.
Go to the Clerk’s Office to make sure your
 My spouse and I have made a Divorce
case is on the calendar/docket.
Agreement that is fair. We have divided all
Sit down in the courtroom.
Wait for your
property and debt.
name to be called.
(There may be other
 I want a divorce.
cases ahead of you.)
 My spouse and I can’t get along anymore.
We have no hope of working our marriage out.
At the hearing:
What if there are mistakes on the divorce
name is called.
The Judge may ask both
You will be asked to raise
spouses to make the changes and initial
your right hand and take an
If both spouses are not there, you
oath to tell the truth.
will have to come back another day.
After you swear to tell
the truth, say this:
“My name is ____________. I am the Plaintiff
At the hearing:
in this case and am here to get a Final Divorce
Once approved, the Judge will sign the Final
Decree of Divorce. Your divorce is not final until
Do not sit down until your case is over.
the Judge signs the Final Decree of Divorce and it
When you speak to the Judge, say: “Your
is filed with the Clerk.
Honor” and be polite.
The Judge will look at your Court papers and may
IMPORTANT TIP! After the Court signs the Final
ask questions. Listen carefully. Never interrupt
Decree of Divorce, each spouse has 30 days to
and do not talk until the Judge asks you a
During this 30-day period, do not get
question. Answer all questions fully and tell the
married again or buy any property.
truth. What if you don’t understand a question?
Then ask the Judge to explain or repeat it.
After the hearing, ask the Court Clerk for
of the Final Decree of Divorce and Divorce
Agreement. You may need these later.
July, 2017
Agreed Divorce Instructions
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Approved by the Tennessee Supreme Court with Modifications Approved by the Davidson County Circuit Courts
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