Training Evaluation Form Guidance


Training Evaluation Form Guidance
The Training Evaluation Form (TEF) has been
The RCOG Training Evaluation Form is separate from
redeveloped to enable detailed evaluation of training in
the PMETB Trainees’ Survey and seeks to act as a
obstetrics and gynaecology, in a manner that will be
specialty-owned bank of information about training
defined and informed by the RCOG independently, and
which may be developed and used to its best advantage
which comprehensively addresses all aspects of training
by those training in and delivering training in the
in this specialty. This will inform trainees, training
programme directors and DSTC chairs, as well as the
RCOG, via the Trainees Committee, Specialty
Data collated from each form would be available and
Education and Advisory Committee and Chairs of
distributed to interested groups via different levels of
DSTCs Committee.
access: for instance, DSTC chairs and regional trainee
chairs would be enabled to access all the data collected
All trainees should complete the TEF on an annual
for units in their remit; trainees and college tutors within
basis, prior to their end-of-year assessment. It is
a region could have access to collated annual feedback
proposed that completion of the form should be enabled
for particular units and for regional collated data; the
electronically, via the RCOG website, to enable data to
RCOG Council and Trainees’ Committee would have
be collated and distributed easily. Within the RCOG,
access to regional and national data. Access to different
the data collected should be of maximum value to all of
levels of information would be password-protected.
the following groups:
The TEF, in its pilot form, has already been useful in
RCOG Council and other committees
establishing how training is being delivered in the
To allow continued collection of data previously
specialty. The form is envisaged as a live document,
obtained from the Hospital Recognition
which, in its electronic format, may be subject to
Committee and to assess the national delivery
modification in the future in order to reflect any changes
of training in the specialty and to assist in
to curricula or training issues.
consultations with PMETB.
RCOG Trainees’ Committee
To allow the committee to view training from a
trainees perspective and to provide useful
information for dissemination to trainees and
potential trainees on a regional and national
Deanery STCs
To highlight performance of units in deaneries
along the lines of previous assessments so that
good practice can be adopted and problem areas
To allow specialty-based feedback to the
postgraduate dean and PMETB so that further
inspections can be best focused where needed.


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