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“Educating the Heart”
Lesson Plan Template
Overview: Brief description of the lesson and it’s purposes, i.e., a
rationale. This lesson is to explore the idea that not all
“consequences” are negative or positive. Geographers often suspend
these sorts of judgements to get as objective a view of the
consequences of human change in a landscape as possible. They
then present these often-complex projected consequences as a way to
plan changes in a landscape. “Choose the change by the
consequence(s) that people may want to experience”.
Subject Area: (geography, history, civics, non-violence movement,
conflict resolution, literature) Geography and a methodology for
identifying multiple consequences to a change people make in their
landscape, while suspending judgement as to “right or wrong,
goodness of badness” of the various outcomes to the change.
Grade level: Grades 6 – 7 - 8
State Content Standards/Benchmarks Addressed (or Common
Curriculum Goals): CCG: Describe the consequences of humans
changing the physical environment and how human changes in one
place effect other places.
Benchmark 3: The student will understand how the process of
urbanization affects the physical environment of a place, the cultural
characteristics of a place, and the physical a nd cultural characteristics
of the surrounding region.
Objective(s): 1. To teach students to use a graphic tool to analyze a
landscape to record changes people make in a landscape and the
consequences of those changes.
2. To enable students to observe and record multiple
consequences for a human change in the landscape related to urbanization of a
3. To present students with the idea that decisions
regarding human change(s) of a landscape may be based on the consequences
the people may wish to experience.


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