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Hagan Scholarship
Letter of Recommendation
To Applicant:
Each Letter of Recommendation must be from a non-family teacher or employer. Print your
name, sign and date where indicated below and provide the original signed copy to Respondent.
Applicant hereby waives any claim of access to Letters of Recommendation provided to Hagan
Scholarship Foundation and subsequent correspondence between Hagan Scholarship Foundation
and Respondent in the possession of Hagan Scholarship Foundation.
Name of Applicant (Print or type)
Signature of Applicant (required)
To Respondent:
The above applicant has applied for a Hagan Scholarship and would be grateful if you could
provide a Letter of Recommendation regarding applicant’s qualifications. Scholarship criteria
include strength of character, academic ability, personal achievement in or out of school and
future promise. The Grant Committee will have applicant’s academic information and a
statement from applicant regarding applicant’s interests, extracurricular activities, reasons for
wanting to attend college and personal goals.
Since you may not be able to speak from first hand knowledge to all the above criteria: 1) if you
are acquainted with applicant through a teacher / student relationship, concentrate on applicant’s
academic ability and potential; and, secondly on other criteria of which you have firsthand
knowledge; or, 2) if you are acquainted with applicant through non-academic interests, please
state how long you have known the applicant, in what context, and first hand knowledge you
have regarding applicant’s strength of character, accomplishments, circumstance and potential.
Do not hesitate to speak of an applicant’s limitations as well as strong points. The Grant
Committee would be skeptical to hear that the applicant has no limitations.
Please sign and then provide your unsealed Letter of Recommendation to applicant. Your
Letter of Recommendation must be submitted as a part of applicant's Scholarship Application.
Must be completed by Respondent:
__ Educator
__ Non-Educator (check one)
Name of Respondent (Print or type)
Signature of Respondent (required)
Phone Number
Email Address
________________________ _______
City, State
Zip Code


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