Sample Hardship Letter


Sample Hardship Letter
A hardship letter is something most mortgage companies will require to consider
your case. This is your opportunity to appeal to them to give you a chance at
getting a resolve. This letter should not be used to complain to what they have
done or not done to make your situation worse. This letter must be honest and
represent the facts clearly. You must also have a legitimate excuse for falling
behind. Loss of a job, death in the family, rate adjusted or an illness would be
acceptable reasons to fall behind on your mortgage temporarily. Here is one
example of a letter that the Mortgage Company is looking for.
Name:(Your Name)
Address: (Your Address)
Loan#: (Your Loan Number)
I/We (Your Name), are requesting that you review my/our financial situation to see
if I/We qualify for a short pay-off / modification (you will include the option that
applies to your situation) of our loan.
I/We are having problems making my/our monthly payments because of financial
difficulties created by (choose from the following options and describe the
Reduced Income
Medical Bills
Too Much Debt
Death of my Spouse
Death of a Family Member
Payment Increase
Business Failure
Job Relocation
Damage to Property
Military Service
Other (Please Specify)
Please sign and date this letter!!!


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