Letters Template To A Future You


Letters to A Future You
Older Kids Version (Ages 8+)
Thanks for downloading our "Letters to a
future you" activity. We know that in the first few years of your
child's life, it may be challenging to bond and build a
relationship with them. Luckily, we have a solution to help you
be an even better Dad (and get you bonding with your little one
right off the bat).
Letters to a future you is an opportunity. Its a chance for you to
write three letters to your child that they will open in the
future. And its also an opportunity for your child to write three
letters to you! Below, we provide templates for writing letters
for these 3 days: The first day of High School, the first day
of College, and the day they have their first child. 
We also provide your child with three letter templates to write
to you: When you have a really bad day, When they go to
College, When they have their first child. The possibilities are
endless, and we are sure that your child will cherish these
mementos for decades to come. 
Here are some of our foolproof tips for making these letters
extraordinary! First, make sure to add in some funny
anecdotes about how you felt on all those days (when you were
that age). Elevate any letter by adding in a priceless picture! Be
sure to give one to three pieces of advice that you think are
really important for your child to keep in mind during this
period of their life. Tell them what you hope they get out of this
experience, what qualities you see in them, and what you hope
they become. Of course, ALWAYS express how much you love
them, and be sentimental. 


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