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Week 2-Proposal, schedule and budget agreed Week
3 & 4-Pre-production e.g.:
Script writing 

Location and contributor visits
Organizing crew and logistics
Approval of filming plan and contributors Week 5-Filming (May or may not be required) Week 6-Post
production e.g.:
Graphics creation (2D and 3D)
Music composition
Approval of Rough Cut
Week 7 & 8-DVD Mastering and Cover design
Week 9 & 10 DVD Duplication
Having said the above, we have produced a video in 2 days from brief to final edit.
Some Popular category of films:
Stock footage based films- As per the need of the narrative of the script, ready to use stocks are sourced to develop the
Films that are shot – In this the content of the film is shot on locations and the narrative is build
Chroma films – Here the subject is filmed in the green or blue background and then the background is digitally removed
and is replaced by the shots that are needed for the narrative.
Animation Films – There are different forms of animation films such as 2D or cell animation, 3D animations, Line drawing
animations, whiteboard animations.
Documentary Films – These films are developed to tell a story on a particular subject. It’s a real life presentation and are
relatively longer in duration as compared to the above mentioned kinds.
Feature Films – These films are a dramatic portrayal of a story.
How much does it cost?
This is the most important question as you set out on making a video. Take a look at our Sample Costs below to give you some
idea of what you can buy for your money.
The most important thing is knowing what you want to say (why you want to say it and who you want to say it to) and as
communication specialists – we know that there is always more than one way to express it. Sometimes – the simplest idea is
the best one and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one.
Illustrative Costs:
Whether you wish to create a promotional video, a new training resource or to demonstrate your workingpractice, our service
offers advice and a flexible pricing structure, from USD 4000 to USD 60000 or more. Below are
Some examples to illustrate the price range:
The USD 4000K‘Eco’Budget:
One day of filming, editing and 10 x DVD copies with box and specially designed & printed cover. This would include briefing
meeting and some script advice.
The USD 8000K‘Standard’ budget:
Pre-Production: A Producer/Director liaises with you on content and after finding out what you need; we draw up a schedule
and make all the arrangements for filming.
Production: Filming takes 2 days with a 3-person crew, including a Producer/Director, using easily portable DV camera and
sound gear to capture the essential elements of your project


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