Ktip Lesson Plan Format Template


KTIP Lesson Plan Format (Adapted 8/06)
Age/Grade Level:
# of Students:
# of IEP Students:
# of GSSP Students
# of LEP Students:
Major Content:
Lesson Length:
Unit Title:
Lesson Number and Title:
State what students will be able to do as a result of this lesson. Objectives must be student-centered
and observable/measurable. Please write a measureable objective.
Connect your goals and objectives to appropriate Kentucky Core Content and/or Program of Studies.
Use no more than two or three connections, and if not obvious, explain how the objectives are related
to the Core Content and/or Program of Studies. Identify Depths of Knowledge with this lesson.
Explain how this lesson relates to the unit of study or your broad goals for teaching about the topic.
Describe the students’ prior knowledge or the focus of the previous lesson.
Describe generally any critical student characteristics or attributes that will affect student learning (other
than what you described in the Teaching and Learning Context).
IEP and LEP objectives and accommodations provided for students with disabilities and limited English
proficiency should be addressed in this section. In this section include individual IEP objectives or how
the IEP objective responds to a group of students. Accommodations should include individual
accommodations and universal accommodations. Please make a statement if no individual
accommodations are needed.
Resources, media and technology
List the specific materials and equipment needed for the lesson. Include copies of printed materials to
be used with the students.
If appropriate, list technology resources for the lesson including hardware, software, and Internet URLs,
and be sure to cite the sources used to develop this lesson.


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