Instructions For Form 207hcc - Health Care Center Tax Return


Health care centers providing contracts or policies to direct subscribers must file
, Health Care Center Tax
Return , or
, Extension to File Health Care Center Tax Return , by March 1 following the close of the
calendar year. Any balance due with this return must be paid with
to be considered
Line 1:
Enter the total net direct subscriber charges received
Line 4:
Subtract Line 3 from Line 2. If the result is negative,
on any new or renewal contract for the calendar year.
enter zero.
Note that the following net direct subscriber charges
Line 5:
Enter any estimated payments made with
are not subject to the tax and should not be included
on Line 1:
Line 6:
Enter payments made with
1. Any new or renewal contract or policy entered into
with the state on or after July 1, 1997, to provide
Line 7:
Add Line 5 and Line 6.
health care coverage to state employees, retirees
and their dependents;
Line 8:
Subtract Line 7 from Line 4.
2. Any subscriber charges received from the federal
Line 9:
Complete Line 9a and Line 9b if you reported tax due
government to provide coverage for Medicare
on Line 8 that was not paid by the due date.
Line 9a: Late Payment Penalty: Multiply Line 8 by 10% (.10).
3. Any subscriber charges attributable to a period on
If tax is due, enter the result or $50, whichever is
or after January 1, 1998, which are received under
a contract or policy entered into with the State to
Late Filing Penalty: According to Conn. Gen. Stat.
provide health care coverage to Medicaid
§12-30, the Commissioner of Revenue Service may
recipients under the Medicaid managed care
impose a $50 penalty for failure to file any tax return
program established under Conn. Gen. Stat. §
that is required by law to be filed.
Line 9b: Multiply Line 8 by 1% (.01) per month or fraction of a
4. Any new or renewal contract or policy entered into
month from the original due date of the return to the
with the State on or after April 1, 1998, to provide
date of payment.
health care coverage to eligible beneficiaries under
the Husky Plan, or the Husky Plus Programs, as
Line 10: If estimated tax was underpaid, complete and attach
defined in 1997 Conn. Pub. Acts 1, § 2 (Oct. Spec.
and enter the total interest due from
Sess.), or to provide health care coverage to
Form 207 I.
recipients of state administered general
Line 11: Add Line 9 and Line 10.
assistance under Conn. Gen. Stat. § 17b-257.
Line 12a: If you have an overpayment on Line 8 and wish to apply
Line 2:
Multiply Line 1 by 1.75% (.0175).
the overpayment to next year’s estimated health care
Line 3:
If you claim a Neighborhood Assistance Act
center tax, subtract Line 11 from Line 8.
credit: You must include a copy of documentation
Line 12b: If you have an overpayment on Line 8 and want the
from the Department of Revenue Services approving
overpayment refunded to you, subtract the sum of Line
the proposal and stating the maximum credit allowable
11 and Line 12a from Line 8.
with this return.
Line 13: If Line 8 is greater than or equal to zero, add Line 8
If you claim an Employer-Assisted Housing
and Line 11.
credit: Documentation from the Connecticut Housing
Finance Authority (CHFA) approving said credit must
Make check payable to:
accompany this return.
If you claim a Housing Program Contribution
credit: A copy of the tax credit voucher issued by the
Mail to: Department of Revenue Services
CHFA must accompany this return.
PO Box 2990
If you have a Child Day Care credit carryforward:
Hartford CT 06104-2990
Proof of the approved credit by the Commissioner of
Social Services must accompany this return.
If you claim an Electronic Data Processing
Equipment Property Tax credit: In addition to
attaching a copy of
, attach
and the applicable
property tax bill.
Note: The allowable Electronic Data Processing
Equipment Property Tax Credit must first be applied
against Connecticut Corporation Business Tax. The
remaining credit may be applied to this tax.
Form 207 HCC Back (Rev. 12/98)


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