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Line 8 – Amount of tax not deferred – Include the amount of tax
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that is not eligible for deferral, the amount of tax that the estate
chooses not to defer, and the amount of a deficiency allocated to
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payments that are due.
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The Tax Department will bill for the annual installment of interest, or
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tax plus interest.
Telephone assistance
Paid preparer’s responsibilities
Under the law, all paid preparers must sign and complete the paid
Estate Tax Information Center:
(518) 457-5387
preparer section of the return. Paid preparers may be subject to
To order forms and publications:
(518) 457-5431
civil and/or criminal sanctions if they fail to complete this section in
Text Telephone (TTY) Hotline (for persons with
hearing and speech disabilities using a TTY):
(518) 485-5082
When completing this section, you must enter your New York tax
preparer registration identification number (NYTPRIN) if you are
Persons with disabilities: In compliance with the
required to have one. Also, you must enter your federal preparer tax
Americans with Disabilities Act, we will ensure that our
identification number (PTIN) if you have one; if not, you must enter
lobbies, offices, meeting rooms, and other facilities are
your social security number.
accessible to persons with disabilities. If you have questions about
special accommodations for persons with disabilities, call the
information center.
Fee for payments returned by banks
The law allows the Tax Department to charge a $50 fee when a
check, money order, or electronic payment is returned by a bank
for nonpayment. However, if an electronic payment is returned as
a result of an error by the bank or the department, the department
won’t charge the fee.
If your payment is returned, we will send a separate bill for $50 for
each return or other tax document associated with the returned
Privacy notification
New York State Law requires all government agencies that maintain
a system of records to provide notification of the legal authority
for any request, the principal purpose(s) for which the information
is to be collected, and where it will be maintained. To view this
information, visit our Web site, or, if you do not have Internet
access, call and request Publication 54, Privacy Notification. See
Need help? for the Web address and telephone number.


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