Follow Up Letter - Acknowledge And Appreciate


Follow Up Letter
Acknowledge and appreciate
Always send a follow-up letter immediately after a job interview. It should be sent promptly, without delay.
It conveys courtesy and appreciation, and reflects good manners. It reiterates your interest and enthusiasm
about the job, and gives you another opportunity to promote yourself. It reminds the employer of your
qualifications. A good follow-up letter should be brief and written in proper business letter format. It should
be printed on the same matching high quality paper as your resume and cover letter. You can use this
sample follow-up letter as a guide in producing your own unique letter.
Your address block... or the
heading from your resume for
Your Address
City, State Zip Code
Address block of employer...
Includes name and title of person.
Name, Title
City, State Zip Code
Salutation... Dear Mr., Ms., or Dr.
Dear Mr. ____________________ :
Paragraph One. Thank the interviewer for granting you the interview.
First paragraph... first main idea.
Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to learn more about the job and the
Express your appreciation for the
company. Thank the interviewer for the opportunity to discuss your qualifications.
interviewer’s time and the
opportunity to meet.
Paragraph Two. Reiterate your interest and enthusiasm about the job.
Remind the interviewer of your qualifications. Express your confidence in being
able to perform the job.
Second paragraph... Remind them
of your skills and abilities and your
Paragraph Three. Express an interest in hearing from the interviewer
interest in the position.
again very soon.
Third paragraph... last main idea.
Let them know you want to hear
Your Signature
back from them about this position.
Your Name
Signature block... Don't forget to
sign the letter with a black or blue
ink pen in your own handwriting.
University of Montevallo • Station 6262 • Montevallo, AL 35115
(205) 665-6262 •


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