Sample Follow Up Letter Template


Sample Follow-Up Letter #1
Dear (Insert Colleague’s Name Here):
First, let me express my appreciation for your willingness to participate in our local public
health standards project. This initiative is a great opportunity to bring together the
diverse institutions and organizations that work to protect and improve the health of the
(Insert Community Here), and a means to assess our strengths and weaknesses as a
I am sending some preliminary materials as background for all who will be participating
in one or both workshops. You will benefit most from reading these in advance of the
sessions. The preparatory materials include program agendas for the workshops, and
some literature on the Ten Essential Public Health Services, which are the framework
for the local public health system performance standards. During the course of the
workshops we will be discussing each of these “Essential Services,” and ranking our
performance based on a set of questions that will be distributed at the session.
It is understood that some of you will be attending just one of the two workshops.
Nonetheless, we wanted you to have the information for both sessions in order to
understand the full scope of the standards project.
Each workshop will run from (Insert Time Here) until (Insert Time Here), starting
promptly at (Insert Time Here) and ending by (Insert Time Here). We will be providing a
light breakfast and lunch for all participants.
I realize that this is a substantial time commitment on your part, and the task before us is
large. But I am confident that we can work productively and achieve the desired
outcome in the time allotted. Most importantly, I believe that this undertaking will result
in a better grasp of where we are as a public health system and help us to chart the
course for the future.


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