Writing Effective Cover Letters


Writing Effective Cover Letters
 Write a unique cover letter for every position, as best cover letters are customized for the employer
receiving them
 Don’t just talk about you; your resume talks about you.
 Demonstrate you’ve done your employer research and show them how you’re the best candidate for
them and how you will be a fit for what they need and want
o Identify the top 3-4 skills from the job description. Then, give specific examples where you
demonstrated those skills from your previous experience.
 Demonstrate professional, simple, and direct writing style while also expressing personal interest and
 As with your resume, your cover letter is a writing sample; proofreading for grammatical and spelling
errors, typos, and content / style is just as important, as mistakes can disable your chances of moving
How to Write your Cover Letter Paragraphs
Cover letters take some thought so following a proven technique for constructing them will
help you create a cover letter that will convince a hiring manager to give you an interview.
Harry Dahlstrom, in his book The Job Hunting Handbook, recommends using a technique called
AIDA, which stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action for craft ing the body of your
1. Grab Attention
In the first paragraph of your cover letter, grab the hiring manager's attention by telling
him/her why you are writing. For example:
 "I would like to apply for the Administrative Assistant position I saw advertised on
 "I am interested in learning more about career opportunities for Administrative staff at
your company"


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