Writing A Persuasive Letter


Writing a Persuasive Letter
1. The purpose of this assignment is to write a letter explaining a topic to someone (your
principal or school superintendent) about something you want to do or some action you
would like to see occur in your school.
2. You will compose a persuasive letter using the AIDA formula. Your letter has to be
at least four paragraphs.
(a) In the first paragraph you want to get the attention of the reader.
(b) The second paragraph should spark interest in the reader. Be creative.
(c) Create a desire for what you want to do. Why is this important to you? Make this
evident in the third paragraph.
(d) The last paragraph should indicate some action you want to occur. What do you
want to happen?
3. Your letter will be keyed in block style with open punctuation. It will be addressed to
your principal or superintendent, the name of the school, the address of the school, city,
state, and zip. Be sure to use the appropriate line spacing for the letter. Refer to the
attached handout regarding line spacing.
4. You will sign your name, of course, as the writer, your title is CBE Student, and the
name of your school.
5. You will prepare a #10 size envelop in which to mail the letter using appropriate
spacing. You will fold the letter correctly before inserting it in the envelop. See the
instructor about how to properly fold an envelop. Refer to the attached handout
regarding how to address an envelop.
5. Proofread your work carefully before you print.
6. Refer to the attached sample letter and the letter formatting and spacing handout to use
as a guide when preparing your letter.
7. Be sure to include the attached grade sheet with your completed assignment.
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